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Farhad Sigari, MD, FACS is an ENT surgeon dedicated to the non-medical, medical and surgical treatment of sleep apnea. His practice is Del Rey ENT Associates, located in Marina Del Rey, California. Dr. Sigari has ample experience treating snoring and sleep apnea with all forms of available treatment, from CPAP and nasal adhesives to oral devices and nasal surgery. He works closely with local sleep labs in order to design personalized treatment plans for all his sleep apnea patients, turning to invasive surgery only as a last resort. His commitment to helping patients who suffer from sleep apnea stems from a personal experience in his past, during which daytime sleepiness caused by his own sleep disorder caused a nearly fatal car crash.

In 2011, Dr. Sigari relocated from the Midwest, where he was a popular and prominent physician, and opened a private practice in Marina Del Rey, California called Del Rey ENT Associates. This state-of-the-art location lies near the Pacific coast and serves as the doctor’s flagship medical office for all his medical performance.

Del Rey ENT Associates offers a number of different services designed to treat snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Sigari works with local sleep center to conduct polysomnography sleep studies and diagnose patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Sigari’s goal is to determine the source of snoring to that the patient gets the best care possible, even if he or she is not a candidate for sleep apnea. He will try various forms of respiratory therapy before suggesting minimally invasive surgical options such as turbinate reduction to cure chronic heavy snoring.

Dr. Sigari trained at the Chicago Medical School, where he earned his medical degree, an applied physiology degree and a Master’s degree in pathology. During his education, Dr. Sigari was praised for his undergraduate research and was honored with distinguished awards such as the Dean’s Award and the Alpha Omega Alpha award at the Chicago Medical School. Dr. Sigari studied nasal surgery to treat sleep apnea and snoring at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

Dr. Sigari is a highly acclaimed doctor both by members of the medical community and by patients. His California practice, where he serves as the sole medical provider, has been positively received by the local community. Dr. Sigari was recently awarded the Patient’s Choice award for the 4th year in a row. His deep passion for helping others is further demonstrated by his devotion to charity work with Medical Missions for Children, a non-profit organization that provides medical services to impoverished nations.

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From the first day I walked in Dr. Sigari's office I new I was in good hands.
His staff was very professional with my initial visit. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 4 years ago... My snoring has decreased at lest 60%. I get a full restful sleep. I'm able to breath through my nose where before I was stuffy. I'm a new man...
Dr. Sigari and his staff were very friendly and helpful.
I was seen for swelling of the throat and I was very happy that instead of just wanting to do surgery, he wanted to run some tests to figure out what the underlying problem was so the swelling wouldn't continue. I was very pleased with this doctor and would recommend him to anyone.
He put my family at ease prior to the [sleep apnea] surgery.
His follow up and care for the patient is unparalleled as far as I am concerned. I had him paged in the evening for a concern and he responded VERY promptly! One of the best doctors/surgeons I have EVER had!! Highly recommend if you are still fighting sleep apnea and are looking for an alternative! Thanks Dr. Sigari!
I was referred to Dr. Sigari for an ENT issue and ended up getting a lot more than what I bargained for.
... He is punctual, courteous and quite involved. I felt as if I was getting VIP treatment from him and his staff, who are all very pleasant and friendly...

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