Will asthma therapy help stop sleep apnea and snoring?

This question was asked in Plant City, Florida on 07/13/2012.
Does asthma affect the snoring or sleep apnea sleep disorder more? Would using asthma treatments help more with snoring problems?

Doctors Answers (3)

Farhad Sigari, MD, FACS
Answered on: 7/27/2012

Asthma and sleep apnea, although they are both breathing disorders, are uniquely different disorders and have different causes and different pathophysiologies. If you have bad asthma it can make your sleep apnea worse but treating asthma will not necessarily treat sleep apnea. Think of it this way, there are millions of people who have sleep apnea but don't have asthma.

Richard J. Schumann Jr., MD
Answered on: 7/17/2012

Snoring and sleep apneas particularly Obstructive Sleep Apnea are disorders of the upper airway. Asthma is a disorder of the bronchii and lower airway and 2 separate disease entities with distinct and differnet treatments.

J. Douglas Hudson, MD, DABSM
Answered on: 7/16/2012

Treating asthma or any other medical disorder which could interfere with sleep will likely also help but not likely stop sleep apnea or snoring. Asthma is a disorder which affects the lungs. Sleep apnea (obstructive) is related to a disorder of the upper airway behind the tongue. Treating asthma will not likely help snoring or sleep apnea.