How can I get a sleep apnea CPAP machine?

This question was asked in Maricamp, Florida on 06/29/2012.
My wife is saying that my sleep apnea is out of control, and she is worried. I would like to know what it will take to get a sleeping machine. Thank you.

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Richard J. Schumann Jr., MD
Answered on: 7/2/2012 1

The way to make the diagnosis is to have a formal sleep study in the lab. You can have your primary MD order the test if they have an affiliation with a lab or see a sleep specialist to evaluate you first. After the diagnosis is made then you can follow up with the sleep specialist to determine which mode of therapy, including a CPAP machine, is best for you.

Farhad Sigari, MD, FACS
Answered on: 7/2/2012 1

To get a CPAP machine you must have a sleep study. The sleep study can be ordered by a sleep physician. Once there is evidence of sleep apnea on the sleep study, the CPAP can be ordered. However, the CPAP must also be adjusted to the right appropriate pressure level as well. Sometimes this requires another sleep study. The CPAP machine is often provided by a DME company that not only provides the machine but also the consumable supplies (i.e. masks, hosing, etc.)

J. Douglas Hudson, MD, DABSM
Answered on: 7/2/2012 1

You can get a CPAP machine with a physician prescription at a Durable Medical Equipment company. I am assuming you have been officially diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. If your wife suspects that you have sleep apnea, you likely have it. If a formal diagnosis has not been made, you should ask your physician to order a sleep study to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the correct settings for the CPAP.

Marjorie Yong, M.D.
Answered on: 7/2/2012 1

Have you had a sleep test within the last one year? If not, that is the first step to obtaining a cpap machine. You will need to be tested so that we will know what pressures you need and how your sleep apnea is doing.