Sleep Disorder Conditions

Are you suffering from a health condition that is leading to a sleep disorder? You’ve come to the right place. Whether or not you’re affected by insomnia, trouble sleeping, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome, we have compiled a large collection of information about sleep and sleep disorders. Please browse the information below to find more in depth health information about your situation. Can’t find the specific information that you’re looking for? No problem. Ask your very own sleep question to get an answer from a medical professional at no cost whatsoever.

Although having trouble going to sleep at night may seem like a minor issue, leaving symptoms of any sleep disorder untreated can have long-term complications. For example, insomnia or sleep apnea that prevents a person from achieving deep REM sleep at night for an extended period of time greatly reduces the amount of oxygen available to the brain and may lead to serious conditions such as depression and anxiety. Symptoms of sleep disorders may also affect your ability to be productive at work and to enjoy your personal and social life. Any of the sleep experts listed in our directory can help you diagnose your sleep disorder and work closely with you to find a proper method of treatment.

There are countless sleep disorders that may cause you to experiencing chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation or excessive daytime sleepiness. Click on any of the links above to find out more about specific sleep disorders. Many of the conditions are very common, such as sleep apnea. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, finding the best sleep apnea treatment for you is of the utmost importance. Depending on the type of sleep apnea you have, and how severe your case is, you may need to move forward with treatment through CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), oral appliances that open up the passageway for breathing or surgical intervention.

If you think you may have insomnia (trouble falling asleep and staying asleep), narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden sleep “attacks”), restless leg syndrome (discomforting sensation in your leg muscles whenever you lay down to rest) or any other sleep disorder, please contact a sleep expert listed in our directory. Oftentimes, patients do not realize that there is a problem with their sleeping patterns until they experience a good night’s rest.