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Syed Nabi, M.D. joined the Utah Sleep Center as a sleep specialist in 2009. He now owns the private practice and treats patients referred to him for comprehensive sleep evaluation and diagnoses of various sleep disorders. He is a Diplomate of both the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Nabi is licensed to practice in Utah, Missouri, Rhode Island and Pakistan. He is a member of the Education Board of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, as well as a regular member of the American Academy of Sleep.

At Utah Sleep Center, Dr. Nabi diagnoses and manages common sleep-related disorders. One of the most common sleep disorders he sees is sleep apnea, a medical condition associated with mild to severe sleep-disordered breathing. By the time potential sleep apnea patients come to see Dr. Nabi at his office, they have already gone through preliminary blood work, cardiac tests and other diagnostic tests. It is Dr. Nabi’s main responsibility to perform a thorough sleep evaluation, and an overnight sleep study if needed, to start the patients on a personalized treatment plan for any sleep disorders or underlying conditions that may be affecting the patient.

At the Utah Sleep Center, Dr. Nabi offers his sleep apnea patients various treatment options: CPAP therapy, positional therapy, weight loss and oral devices when appropriate. Most of the time, the sleep doctor is able to detect underlying sleep disorders that may be affecting other medical or mental conditions, such as mood disorders, blood pressure, fibromyalgia, diabetes, thyroid disorders, or certain heart conditions. Dr. Nabi will only refer a patient to sleep apnea surgery after other treatment options have been exhausted.

Dr. Nabi studied Sleep Medicine as a Sleep Medicine Fellow at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Before these specialized post-graduate studies, he had medical training at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island and Dow Medical College in Pakistan. Before working at the Utah Sleep Center, Dr. Nabi had acquired several years of clinical field experience as a Sleep Consultant for the Sleep Institute of Utah and Utah Sleep and Pulmonary Specialists. He has authored research on topics such as how racial differences can affect the likelihood of sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome. He has shared his work at public webinars in the past.

When he isn’t presenting or practicing sleep medicine, Dr. Nabi enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and two sons. He also volunteers as a board member of a non-profit organization, Iqra Academy of Utah. Dr. Nabi was also referenced as a medical expert on Sleep Disorders in a recent article posted on Brigham Young University's Publication The Universe.

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