Where can I be prescribed sleep medication if I have trouble sleeping?

This question was asked in Breckenridge Hills, Missouri on 08/08/2012.
It takes me over an hour to fall asleep. I am a very light sleeper on top of this so I never stay asleep for very long. I get very little sleep in the night and awake several times. I need something to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. I have tried over-the-counter sleep aids but none help.

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J. Douglas Hudson, MD, DABSM
Answered on: 8/10/2012

Prescription medication for sleep can be obtained through a physician. The type of medication and how much depends on issues such as: are you on other medication?, how long has this been going on? Careful monitoring is important and understanding other treatment option should be explored. Most over the counter meds for sleep have an adverse effect on sleep patterns.

Richard J. Schumann Jr., MD
Answered on: 8/10/2012

You should stop using the over the counter medicine first of all. they are not very good and if they do work for you it won't be for very long. You need to get a check up with your primary doctor and make sure your general health is good. If you need some thing to help you sleep while you figure out a long term strategy your Md could give you Melatonin or a sedating antidepressant like Mirtazipine or Trazodone.

Syed Nabi, M.D.
Answered on: 8/9/2012 6

Check local sleep centers in your area. You should see a sleep physician they can help you diagnose and treat your sleep disturbance.