What happens after a sleep study is conducted?

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What happens after a sleep study is conducted? People say, why do you want to do all those things anyway? I think I explained it to you, because a lot of times, the only way you know what is going on is with a sleep study. It has to be done according to certain rules. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine specifies how it should be done. Even that national organization of sleep experts has changed the rules of how sleep studies are scored just last week - this is a moving target to find out how much an important role sleep plays in our lives. People were looking at the criteria all the time. But, what happens let us suppose after you have your sleep study. A physician or sleep medicine expert should go over those results with you, should be able to show the sleep study itself. If you want to see it, it involves video and a lot of electrodes, breathing measurements and this kind of thing. But, the truth is really simple. So, someone should go over this and study with you to let you know what the sleep study has shown. Usually, when you go to a sleep study, it is going to show some abnormalities that the key thing is or those important for you, or those that were really bothering you, or is this a clue that something else is going on.