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The Colorado Sleep Center of the Rockies is a 6-bed sleep clinic located in the Medical Center of the Rockies at Centerra, in Northern Colorado. It stands out as one of the few full service sleep facilities in the state of Colorado. The sleep center was co-founded by Dr. Terry Himes, a respected physician with more than 20 years of experience in medicine. Dr. Himes offer a wide range of sleep-related diagnostic tests at the sleep center, including but not limited to overnight sleep studies, pediatric sleep disorders studies, daytime shift work sleep studies, overnight CPAP and BiPAP titration studies and MSLT studies. Furthermore, patients in need of ongoing therapy for sleep disorders causing excessive daytime sleepiness are given premier care with the latest and most effective innovations in sleep medicine treatment.

Sleep Center of the Rockies prescribes a number of different treatment plans for its sleep patients. Among the services rendered at the Sleep Center of the Rockies are CPAP, BiPAP and oral or dental appliances used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Anybody who needs help maintaining deep, regular sleep may also try light or behavioral therapies under technical supervision at the sleep lab. Finally, patients are welcome to make an appointment for pulmonary, neurologic and ENT consultations if their symptoms may be caused by underlying neural or physical conditions.

The Colorado Sleep Center of the Rockies is an Accredited Member Center of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a title widely considered to be the criterion standard of accreditation for sleep medicine facilities in the United States. The center has been open to patients since August 2007 and continues to build its reputation as a first-rate sleep disorder diagnostic testing and treatment facility in the Greater Loveland Area.

The staff at the Colorado Sleep Center of the Rockies features sleep experts in the fields of Pediatrics, Psychology and Neurology, as well as nurse practitioners. In 2010, the United States Commerce Association honored the medical team with its annual “Best of Loveland” award plaque in recognition of the facility’s outstanding quality of work in small business marketing in the local community. Patients who have undergone sleep study at the Colorado Sleep Center of the Rockies have attested to the sleep doctors’ excellent services with praise for the center’s top-of-the-line facilities and overall positive physician performance. To make an appointment or for answers to any questions about the Colorado Sleep Center of the Rockies, patients are encouraged to contact the center through phone or email.


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"It was over all just a great experience, and - Oh, what a beautiful room!"
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"The entire process has been comfortable and professional...what a nice comfortable bed...Thank you!"

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