What if I sleep for eight hours and still feel tired?

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The question is, hey, do I get enough sleep? I sleep for eight hours. And then, the next question is do you feel pretty rested when you wake up? And if the answer is no, then you have what is called non restorative sleep. And it turns out that your body is trying to get rest, but if the rest is disrupted, now that sleep quality is not good. Now, there are some other sleep disorders where people sleep too much and they are still sleepy. Everybody has heard about narcolepsy. We are learning more and more about that problem. There are some other variants in narcolepsy and other sleepy people, but the key thing that you have to do is to make sure that the sleep that these people are getting is good the night before then you can test their naps and their ability to go to sleep or to stay awake which is so critical for parents and bus drivers. There are very detailed accepted way to look at these problems. The key thing is to try to find out why. What is the real problem? Do not just reach for a stimulant. Do not just reach for something to put somebody to sleep. Do not reach for something to put somebody to sleep and then something to wake them up during the day. That is the alpha syndrome.