How do dental devices for sleep apnea work?

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How do dental devices for sleep apnea work? This one is going to be easier for me to show you. So, a dental device for sleep apnea typically you will have an upper piece and a lower piece that you will be wearing. Now, the purpose of this will be to hold your jaw forward so your jaw is not able to go back and your tongue will not obstruct your airway. Now, on the side, we have some screws. This allows us to make tiny adjustments so that we will be able to move your jaw fully forward, so we are able to figure out the point that is correct for you, so that you are able to breathe at night time, and have your jaw be comfortable as possible. Now, an oral appliance is great for you to travel with. You can just put it in your purse, in your travel bag, and you can take it when you go camping. You do not need any electricity. So, there are more people who like to opt for this kind of appliances rather than wearing a CPAP machine where you have to wear a full mask and plug into a wall.