If I snore, do I have sleep apnea?

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Just the other day a patient came in and asked me this question; Doc I do snore, but do I have sleep apnea, because my significant other is wondering about that? So I said, the answer is, not necessarily but quite often yes. But the way to differentiate is to ask a couple key questions. So I went as follows, I asked are you drowsy, are you sleepy when you wake up in the morning? If you are, then you probably have sleep apnea. Are you tired during the day? Do you find yourself after lunch wanting to take a nap? Do you find that when you are driving in the car that you want to take a quick nap or close your eyes? And then when you get home, do you find yourself falling asleep on the couch? Do you find yourself watching TV and then waking up two hours later? If you do, then you probably have sleep apnea. Does your significant other see you gasp for breath at nighttime? If you do, then you probably have sleep apnea. So the answer is, you may snore but you may not have sleep apnea. Yet at the same time, you definitely can. So these are the key questions to ask: Am I excessively tired when I wake up in the morning? Am I tired during the day and in the evening time?